Wish list

Consumer culture? Yeah, but I don’t much care. This is a collection of things to treat myself to.

This waspie corset from Morgana Femme Couture

This little darling from Bedroom Kandi

The Limon and the Form 2, both reviewed by the best webcomic ever

MiMi by Je Joue

The Duet by Crave, and hopefully I can convince myself I don’t need the USB version

This garter belt from Kiss Me Deadly

Gossard’s whole Retrolution range, but especially the slip.

Scandale shapewear.

A bunch of stockings from here, and here – with particular interest in this range of stockings

This girdle from Dottie’s Delights.

Or this one from Kuhmillion – or this one, maybe: once I found the first girdle I liked, the others came in a rush.

Any of these beautiful shapewear pieces from Rago.

The shaping suspender and bra set in Cinnamon or Pearl from Fraulein Annie. God, do I want these. (Also the pantygirdle.)

This garter belt. It’s just gorgeous.


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