So what are you going to be?

At this point, the plan is ‘an academic’.

…what even is that?

This is no impossible task.

…are you serious? That’s, like, so unrealistic. 

Yes I am, although obviously nothing is set in stone. Regarding the second part, so is aiming to get any number of highly-qualified jobs, like being an architect or engineer.

What’s the difference between classics and ancient history?

Think of the difference between English and History and apply that to the ancient world. Classics is the study of the cultures – the literature, the art, the religions. Ancient history is just that: history.

I thought you used to post about lingerie?

Good memory! I do. Here.

Where is New Zealand again?

Below Australia and to the right. Somewhere around here:

I want to talk to you about something, if that’s okay?

Don’t want to leave it in a comment? That’s fine! I don’t give out my email, but try the ask on my tumblr.

I’m uncomfortable due to your language or opinions.

If this is because you feel I’ve mocked or marginalised you, I’m really sorry, and I’d love you to tell me more directly. See the question above, or please comment on the post or page in question.
On the other hand, if you’re uncomfortable because my opinions, language or personality offend your sensibilities, I would like to gently point out that this is my blog, and I am not at all obliged to cater to you.

I disagree with you about something.

If it’s one of my opinions, see the previous question. If it’s regarding things like a historical fact or the way I’ve presented it, leave a comment! I’m very open to discussion.


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