That would be Rose. 

First things first: the subtitle is a lie. I hope you were sitting down.

I’m a university student studying classics, ancient history, and ancient languages down in New Zealand.

I hope to post fairly regularly, but I am at uni so we’ll have to see how that one works out. Hopefully, you’ll see a wide range of things I’m interested in.

On tumblr I divide my interests into focused blogs. I’ve begun this one to combine them again – and maybe also to have a less treacherous link I can give to people.


3 responses to “me

  1. Wing: eros, logos, and thanatos…almost as intoxicating as chile sauce followed by good chocolate…how refreshing to meet someone with similar tastes! RT

    • Thank you! I really love the internet’s ability to build academic communities, especially in smaller fields like ancient history. Your recent posts in particular have been a big encouragement to pursue Egyptology:)

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