New Year

Goodbye to that joke about 20/20 vision, to undergraduate study, and to the last year I’ll be living with a parent.

This year will bring postgraduate study, a job I’ve always wanted (GTA work at my university, hopefully) and a rather important birthday that will make US holidays far more attractive (I’ll be 21). It will also bring our 3 year anniversary, which is pretty wonderful.

I have no strong opinions about New Years Resolutions, other than that the term is too loaded down with cultural baggage and expected failure to be very useful. As a ritual in and of themselves, they’re fine enough – I’m a fan of rituals, not least because the space and time they demand make them meaningful even if their objects are never achieved. If I fulfill none of these annual goals, no harm will be done, and I still will have gained something from the process of working out my aims and crystallising them into words.

Resolutions are things or actions we want. Calling them goals or aims or resolutions doesn’t change that: they are desires. Wanting things isn’t dirty, or somehow shameful. Forming your wants into rules or milestones is useful for many people, but not for me.

These are things I want.

  1. I want to spend more money on things which make me happy, regardless of their usefulness or normality.
  2. I want to make more things. Lots of things: sewing, crafting, building furniture, embroidering, drawing, baking and cooking.
  3. I want to keep exploring food, and caring about it. This was a new venture for 2015, and a great one so far.
  4. I want to write more. I used to write creatively every week, and write something nearly every day. That’s fallen by the wayside, and I’d like to retrieve it.
  5. I want to settle. I want this deeply, and in lots of different ways: I want to move out, so that I’m not switching between houses on different sides of the city; I want to work out routines, so that my days and weeks have rhythm; I want to see more of my friends, and my family, and things and events in this city.

What do you want?


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