Vintage Patterns

Happy State Holiday Season!

I love vintage fashion, and was brought up by a sewist, so it is only natural that I love vintage sewing patterns. I am learning to sew, myself (slowly, and with more pedantry than I usually apply to things) but that hasn’t stopped me filling Pinterest boards with ambitious project ideas, nor collecting baskets full of fabric and notions.

But although I have more patterns saved to Pinterest than any single wardrobe could ever require, I hadn’t actually purchased any till last weekend. If there’s anything I learned from my mother, it’s that an aged cardboard box with “Very Old Patterns – $1 each” written on it should never be allowed to slip by.

Inside boxes like this, beside the 1980s horrors with shoulder-pads the height of a toddler, are often treasures like the following.


Although roughly half of these are unused, and appear to be factory folded, I didn’t buy them as collector’s pieces. These are all patterns I really would wear and love, and I wouldn’t have bought them otherwise. I will keep them as carefully as I can, but they were made to be used.

As a bonus extra, I found a men’s dressing gown pattern in my Dad’s size with the most minimal sketch and size information I’ve ever seen:

Do you sew, or grow up with a sewist parent?


2 responses to “Vintage Patterns

  1. Ah, these bring back such memories! My mother had the Style pattern 3759 that you have pictured on the LH side. I don’t remember if she ever made the dress, but I know the pattern was still among her things when she died seven years ago. My sister and I divvied them out and kept the ones we thought we might one day use, and I think my sister kept that one. Have fun sewing…

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