Auckland Art Week in Devonport

When you’re really busy, you get weary. Things slip past – suddenly it feels like there’s just isn’t time to call that old friend, to send those few emails, to make a proper dinner. There probably is, but it doesn’t seem like it.

Art slips by, for me. There are a lot of shows I’ve missed and exhibitions I haven’t seen. Because you don’t need that long, truly – perhaps you’re driving past anyway, on your way home, and you decide to stop for five minutes. What would you have spent those minutes on instead? Staring blankly into a cup of tea, not-thinking about invoices?

A light sculpture installation occupied Devonport’s small waterfront park this weekend. Part of Auckland Art Week, It was lovely, but also lovely to see how many families and friends had come down to walk around, jackets zipped up snug against the wind.

(I really hate showing art without credit, but I couldn’t find the exhibition details anywhere. I’m so frustrated – sincere apologies! If anyone has suggestions, I’ll be most grateful.)


What slips past for you?


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