Put your feet up

That was, by anyone’s standards, a long holiday.

I have lots of posts drafted. Some about Christmas, some about summer, some about endless exams and even more endless footnotes.

I’ve had a hiatus from this blog, but certainly not from anything else. It’s been a good summer. I’m in a new course learning to teach ESOL to adults, which is at times horrible and at other times amazing, and is at all the times the most difficult challenge I have yet encountered. Uni starts again next week, and with it will come yet more essays. And footnotes. And coffee.

I’m starting Italian, too. We’ll see how that goes. I’ve never learnt a language that I’ve had to actually speak.

I am writing this in a little eddy of a Thursday, a very precious calm before the storm. I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday, or at least a wonderful few months. For anyone living in the wrong hemisphere*, do look forward to summer. It’s been quite a lovely guest for us.
*Hemisphere-ism is so much more fun than patriotism.
The featured image is Edward Hopper’s Office in a Small City, and it encapsulates my current mood perfectly. 

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