First walk of summer

A couple of weeks ago, I took a friend to the Auckland Museum. He wasn’t visiting the city or anything, he’d just never been. I’ve never understood that kind of thing. Auckland may not be the place to be for thrilling 24/7 excitement, but we have some truly lovely public places.

Auckland Museum is pretty cool by itself, but it is placed in the middle of the Domain – a huge public park with massive sports fields, gardens, scenic walks and a lovely cafe. Also ducks. In the ponds.

I love the Domain. In summer it’s filled with families and friends chucking balls around and having picnics, and trying not to disturb (too much) the endless weddings under every tree. It wasn’t summer yet when I walked through, but the sun came out for the hour or so I was there. It felt like summer.

I took photos. The Domain is huge and my route was fairly direct, so I can’t show you the massive stands of oaks or the rotunda or the Victorian gardens today. Instead, this is one of the several scenic walks that run through the lower part of the Domain. There was sculpture along this one too, but I’m afraid I was more interested in the trees.

Another time. Or better yet, come and see it for yourself.


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