Robots vs Plato

A workmate of mine is in the final year of his engineering degree. He’s great. He’s never cared for the humanities, or left-wing politics, and I don’t know anything about the sciences or sports. We educate each other.

I really love the people I’ve met at work. It’s an overused sentiment, but it’s true. There aren’t many places that bring together normal uni students from every area, from every level, without making it a Big Deal. Cross-faculty socialising doesn’t happen naturally in a big university.

It’s nice to know people you have nearly nothing in common with. If you’re talking to people like you all the time it’s too easy to become small-minded and narrow. There’s nothing to challenge you when you’re always an authority on the topic at hand.

Being intimidated by people older or better qualified than you is such a meaningless fear. They’re people. They deserve just as much respect as you do. (As do people younger or less qualified.)

When you’re writing essays all the time, it’s really nice to hear someone complain about the faulty wiring in their 3D-printer/robot-arm.

Header image from the Wiki Commons.


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