Long Bay

My best friend and I have been that for nearly eleven years. When only one of you has yet hit twenty, that’s an achievement. It’s one we’re proud of. 

Our teenage years were built around a) mucking around in the huge reserve near where we both lived, and b) semi-legal roadtrips up north. We’re both at uni now, but when we can we still make an effort to go on those road trips. Even short ones.


This lovely sweeping vista is Long Bay Reserve.

We found an afternoon a couple of weeks ago, and walked and talked. It’s the tail end of winter here, as you can see by the sky. We had bakery bags full of lunch and I wore shoes I’d only bought the day before. I guess they needed breaking in. I took some photos: here they are. 

I hope you’ve had some little adventures of your own recently.


2 responses to “Long Bay

  1. A beautiful part of an exceptionally beautiful country! I was in New Zealand in February for the first time, mainly in Auckland but we also took a trip to Coromandel and stayed with friends just outside Thames. Not only is the landscape breathtaking but the skies as well. Some days the clouds have a scenery all of their own. Lucky you!

    • Thank you:) I’m glad you enjoyed your visit! I know what you mean about the clouds. When I was little, we used to imagine they were landscapes for make-believe games.

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