A little grey

A small thought today.

When it comes to interiors, I can do without scandi style. I like my wood dark* and my belongings polychrome. But I do love Mid-Century style.

I like the simple, interesting shapes of things and the clear, bright colours. I like how much personality it’s possible to have in a ‘modern’ aesthetic. I like the reminder that contemporary doesn’t have to mean corporate.

And I am fond, with a mother who ensured I knew more about William Morris and his beliefs than any history class would teach me about Winston Churchill, of giving every object its due. Let everything be beautiful.

I am also very, very fond of grey. These two loves combined a few weeks ago, when I was op-shopping with a friend.

This is a perfectly round little vase, nearly spherical, small enough to sit neatly in my two hands.

It’s entirely purposeless, the sort of purchase I would usually only make in lingerie. But I think it’s beautiful: its shape is so satisfying, the colour so gentle, the glaze softly glossy. It has no pedigree, no sought-after makers’ mark, it’s no antique. But I love it.

Maybe I’ll keep dried flowers in it. Or marbles. Maybe I won’t use it for anything at all.

My phone is white and shiny things are hard to photograph.

My phone is white and shiny things are hard to photograph.


*snigger away.



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