Next Semester

I await the release of my marks with bated breath. But in the meantime, what am I taking next semester?

I am very much looking forward to doing only one language, for the first time so far in my degree. Hiero alone will keep my languages brain ticking along, meaning I’ll have to find time for some Greek and Latin in my own time.

I’m beginning my first Stage 3 course next semester: Historians of Ancient Rome, a seminar course. I’m actually taking this without having done any Roman history, so I have a bit of holiday reading to do. Seminar courses are brilliant, but a lot of work. I believe we’re focussing on Sallust, Livy and Tacitus. (It’s also the first course this year I’m taking with David, so I’m particularly looking forward to it.)

My other ancient history course is ‘Icon and Narrative’, which focusses on the art and iconography of the early bronze age – so chiefly Egypt and Mycenae. This is one of the few courses available at undergrad that stretches outside the ‘big three’ (Rome, Greece and Egypt) that ancient history so often focuses on, so I’m very excited. I also miss talking about art.

My second Classics course this year is Greek Tragedy. I’m not overwhelmed by anticipation, but it is a subject that is kind of necessary to cover, and it will undoubtedly be interesting. It’s also good to get the chance to study it at a relatively advanced level, as we will (hopefully) get quite a nuanced interpretation.


This will be the fourth of six semesters of my (undergrad) degree. I’m on the homeward run!


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