Small Bust Jealousy

I know it’s like hair – you’ll always want someone else’s, and someone else will always want yours. Breasts are just the same: too heavy, too flat, too sexy, not sexy enough.

I like my hair. I like my boobs too, but lingerie for small busts is just so beautiful.

Some images below are NSFW. 

Miss Crofton

Miss Crofton

Oh, triangle bras. How lovely you look on A and B cup busts. How swiftly you turn into porn star bikinis on anything larger.*

Angela Friedman.

Angela Friedman.

Sophie Hines.

Sophie Hines.

There are wire-free bras for larger busts, I know. (That’s for another post.) But you can’t get the sharpness of line when there’s so much shape to fill it.



Marianna Giordana.

Marianna Giordana. But that has underwire and everything, you say? Yes, but fine lace like this just isn’t strong enough to support weight. You can put a mesh backing on it, but you sacrifice the softness. Still, we’ll keep dreaming.

Unlined lace bras. If you’ll allow me a brief moment of awful romanticism, is there anything more akin to a whisper?

I guess I’m envious because it seems so much easier. Lingerie that only has to accent, rather than support. In that vein, the finale:

Angela Friedman. This comes in fuschia too, for yet more glamour.

Angela Friedman. This comes in fuschia too, for yet more glamour.

You see my point, right?

*If that’s your look, kudos to you, go for it. I’m a little old-fashioned with my preference for a clear distinction between bras and pasties.


2 responses to “Small Bust Jealousy

  1. I hear you, but it works the other way also. There are gorgeous bras that start with C or D cups that I would love to try if they came smaller. I guess we just have to appreciate the options that we have.

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