Lingerie Link Roundup and Ewa Michalak

Only a few months ago I was just beginning to consider ordering lingerie online.

How far I’ve come since then – despite placing only one online order for lingerie (review in progress!). I’ve grown more confident in my own ability to size myself and, as I’ve purchased other things, far more confident in the shipping time and customer service of online stores. I’ve also really noticed how many of my favourite lingerie bloggers order most of their lingerie online. And when it comes down to it? I live in New Zealand. There are only so many Elle Macpherson bras a girl can own.

This morning I got sidetracked, yet again, into looking at lingerie when I went online to check my uni email. Today’s sojourn resulted in a couple of lovely discoveries:

1. undiegamer’s blog, which is going straight on my reading list.

2. A new online boutique called Largo Drive, which carries quite a few brands I haven’t seen before. Not much for larger cups, but good to keep an eye on. More importantly, it has a US$9.95 flat rate for international shipping, at $.95 extra a garment. Shipping costs that aren’t the same price as my order? It’s a miracle!

3. Even that is outdone by Large Cup Lingerie, a UK-based site that offers free worldwide delivery. You heard me. (I really don’t think it’s possible to understand the horrors of international shipping until you live down here. I actually laugh aloud when a US blogger says something is “hard to get hold of'”.)
Like most full-bust sites, I slide in right at the bottom of Large Cup Lingerie’s size range. I’m impressed both by the very fair pricing and the huge extent of available sizes. I’m also very excited at the chance to try Panache, Freya and Parfait, who I’ve heard so much about.

4. Reaching even farther across the world, I was absolutely floored when I discovered Ewa-Michalak. The name rang a bell, mostly in conjunction with #diversityinlingerie, but I’d never actually investigated.
I should have. The body diversity*, and lack of photoshopping, of the models is indeed heartening, and it’s the second thing that strikes you. The first thing is the gorgeous lingerie. Rich black lace? Sleek strapless lift? Yet more lace? Pattern? Embroidery? I was sold from the first page.
Pricing, for a full-bust company of this quality, is also extremely fair. Shipping works out as about $30 NZD, which though a little high isn’t nearly as steep as I’ve seen. And they’re based in Poland, so $30 is fair enough.

Here are some of my favourite sets:

So that’s been my Sunday Morning. How was yours? Have you purchased from any of the stores above?


*Yes, the lack of other skintones bothers me a lot too, but I’m appreciating the use of different body shapes and what would probably be considered alternative models in the US. More importantly, it’s quiet diversity – this is just the way Eva Michalak does it, without an ad campaign or media attention to congratulate her. And that, for me, is an incredible step forward. 


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