POUTFITS intimates

I love lace. But my interests rotate.

Luckily, the minimalist/’androgynous’ trend in lingerie is gaining traction. I’m on principle a supporter of anything that widens a market, but this trend does call to me.

After all, why should apathy for lace equal apathy for lingerie? One brand I happened across – Etsy’s lingerie scene outdoes itself again – that captures this look perfectly is POUTFITS.


They have a small lingerie collection available, with a bold and blocked feel. It’s a little 90s, a little architectural, and very modern. They’re really committed to their look, and it’s that confidence that makes them stand out. Standout pieces for me?


This bodysuit is a little fierce for my taste, but it is a perfect summary of POUFIT’s style. The overlapping elements in particular helped this catch my eye, and it encapsulates one of my favourite things about the brand: it’s flattering without being restricted to the classically ‘female’ body.


These knickers are my favourite. I really love them. They hint at shapewear, there’s a glimpse of midcentury styling, they’re bold and clean-lined and look brilliantly comfortable. In short, they’re everything that tends to catch my eye.


It was also difficult to click past this bralette. This type of seriously unstructured top is out of reach for me, but with black mesh and strappy details they’ve hit the note precisely between bold and overdoing it. I’m also quite enamoured of the back view. And are those straps leather?

What do you think? Are you sold on this architectural trend, or will you stick to your laces?


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