Audial: Sawbones Podcast

I haven’t had time to listen to much lately. No books, no music, certainly no podcasts. Essays have been eating up the hours.

But the last one’s handed in for the semester, and so I’ve returned to the ‘play’ button.

I have quite specific podcast tastes. I can’t hack stupidity. Nothing makes me unsubscribe faster. But by contrast, when I do find a show that is all at once clever, hilarious, unpatronising and damn interesting, I’ll lie in bed for hours going through the archives. Just such a show is Sawbones.

It was recommended to me by my boyfriend when I first started listening to podcasts, and since then I’ve seen it recommended on countless lists of things you Should Be Listening To. It strikes, for me, the perfect balance between genuinely intelligent and endlessly entertaining.


Interesting topic? Check. Brilliant hosts? Check. Equity? Check (The hosts are husband and wife, and the attitude as a whole is super positive). Funny? Check. Digestible? Check (typically a half-hour or so).

Bonus points for the theme tune, too.



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