Review: L’agent lingerie

I mentioned I went to Melbourne a couple of weeks ago, right?

From the titanic department store David Jones I carried home a prize. And it really is a prize – I went in looking for a single piece, a slip or robe or maybe, if I hit gold, a bra and knicker set.

(There is a lingerie floor there. It is fantastic.)

After an embarrassingly long time admiring the lace and embroidery on basically everything, I wandered over to the counter and something right beside it caught my eye. Sitting on a tiny rack were the last few pieces of the L’agent classics line they’d bought for that season. Now, heart shapes over my nipples isn’t really my look. But polka dots absolutely are.

24_Rosalyn (1)

This is the Rosalyn set. (I didn’t know it came in black till I looked it up just now; my set is red.) There were four pieces left – and by some miracle, three of them made a full set in my size.

A miracle is not an overstatement. You don’t just find size small knickers and 34DD bras left hanging around at clearance prices, let alone a garter belt to match them. Here is my treasure:



Now, on to the review. Firstly, in this set at least L’agent runs absolutely true to size; the bra is dead on a standard 34DD, the band is snug, and the knickers neither pinch nor slip. The cup is a nice full shape and the underwire sits very comfortably at the sides of my breasts. I always thought of Agent Provocateur as suited mainly to smaller cups, but the support and shape of this bra reminds me of specialist full-cup brands.

(Unfortunately, L’agent runs only up to an E.)

In person, those polka dots are soft felt, and the bows work without being too cute. This set is brilliantly tactile and lighthearted – when your butt is covered with fuzzy polka dots, I don’t think it’s possible not to laugh – and I far prefer it to the overtly sexy look red lingerie so often gets trapped in. The cut of all three pieces is classic and flattering. It’s not pushing any boundaries, but nor is it trying to. And it looks great with black stockings.

I was seriously impressed with the quality of this set. The mesh is strong without any stretch, the elastic is firm, and the bra is frankly lovely. It is a significant step above my normal price range, but I wasn’t prepared for the difference that even metal hardware makes to my impression of quality. That said, if you had sensitive skin I’d be quite wary – I’m a fan of the tactile contrast between mesh and felt, but the mesh isn’t soft at all, and the elastic is quite firm. These are good qualities for me, but they might be dealbreakers for others.

Hopefully it’s clear that I really love this set. It’s gorgeous, comfortable, and I can feel the quality. However, I have to say I would not have bought this set at full price. Firstly, because I’m a student, and secondly because I wouldn’t pay several hundred dollars(NZD, to avoid confusion) for this set. It’s a set I wear every day. L’agent was a steal at the price I found it, but at full price I wouldn’t bite. I try not to pay for a name.


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