Sewing slowly.

The lingerie construction is coming along slowly. I’m so much more eager to get to the lace and silk than I am to working out the patterns.

Because I’m a little lazy, but also because it’s my taste, I’m focussing on very simple shapes and designs. Lace isn’t hard to work with. Nine thousand seams are.

Here are some of the things I’m looking at for inspiration:

Bed jacket by Ayten Gasson. Bed jackets have a tone of rest homes and improving reading for me, but sometimes you don’t need a full dressing gown. I also have a few small sections of really beautiful patterned silks that I’d like to make into something with as few seams as possible, to keep the print intact. This sort of style looks perfect.

Garter belts don’t strike me as stunningly difficult to make, save for sourcing the straps and attachments.All I’d need is a strong material, really, and some ribbon or binding tape. Camisole by Fred and Ginger.

It would be very easy to make the split-front babydoll style from a simple camisole. I’ve never liked babydolls, mainly because I have a relatively sizeable bust and find triangle cups somewhat less than functional. When the full-bust alternative is an underwired bra – hardly comfortable loungewear – it’s easy to give up on them. I think if I lengthened and split a basic camisole pattern I could end up with a decent compromise.

Sheer PJs by Elai London. Replace the shirt with a camisole and these are exactly my sort of thing – take a simple pattern and make it in a lovely fabric. Done. I also very much like the idea of using sheer material.

Body by Made by Niki. It would be so easy to add a ruffle like this to any neckline – a camisole, a slip.

In far more practical news, I have what I sincerely hope will be the final mock-up of the tap pants ready to be sewn. I also have a trial camisole, though tweaking that will be much simpler. I think I’ll opt for domes as fastenings at this stage.



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