Lingerie on the screen: thinking about online purchasing

Even with the popularity of ASOS and other affordable online stores, I haven’t yet really ventured into online shopping. University textbooks, yes. But little else.

One aspect of the online retail world that’s been on my mind is the possibility of buying lingerie. Bras for me would be firmly in the same category that shoes and other clothing are – I’m too fussy with fit to really justify risking it. But for other items of lingerie, I’m considering taking the leap.

  1. Hosiery and garter belts. My interest in wearing these at all is very recent – like so many, I was scarred by years of thick school nylons – but I think it might be enduring, and I’ve come to realise that online shopping is really my best bet. Quality stockings cannot be found where I live in a price range remotely close to a student budget, and a garter belt that might actually withstand a day’s wear cannot be found at all. I think this may well be my next investment purchase.
  2. Corsets. I bought a corset last year from my city’s only corseterie – classic, custom-made, excellent quality. It was the most money I have ever spent on anything, and it was so very worth it. But for my next one – and there will undoubtedly be a next one – I’m not so concerned with playing it safe. With this in mind I’ve been looking at online corset boutiques and edgier styles.
  3. Truly statement pieces. One of the much-lauded attractions of online shopping is the sheer range available to every consumer; no more are you confined to the offerings of your local shopping centres. This is especially true of lingerie. I haven’t seen a truly irreplaceable, can’t-live-without piece yet, but it might be just around the corner.

I think it’s fair to say I’m excited.

(The featured image for this post is from Lucile and Co.’s Love While You May collection, which I wrote about here.)


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