Dreamworthy: Love While You May


Lucile and Co. never fails to produce beautiful lingerie, and “Love While you May” is no exception. The colours in this small collection are just gorgeous. I’m a particular fan of the dark lace with the pale satin, as the contrast saves the pink from being saccharine.


Although that pairing is by far my favourite, I’ll concede that the vivid blue/purple satin also looks lovely with the lace:

My only issue with Lucile and Co is that there’s little variation in the products – a long gown might turn up on occasion, but otherwise the collections are made up of the same classic items in new shades of satin and lace. That said, the virtues of a capsule wardrobe are many, and when your products are this beautiful how adventurous do you really need to be?

Their simple lines are also a good reminder for anyone delving into making their own lingerie: It doesn’t have to be complex to be exquisite.

(Or alternatively, just put a bow on it.)


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